With the UYiLO Affiliate Program you can recommend UYiLO and earn 40% commission for every single first purchase, and 15% commission for subsequent purchases.

That’s how it’s done:

Place banners, articles or a link to us. UYiLO provides you with advertising material (banners, partner links) for your website, for your emails, etc. If a customer comes to our site on your recommendation and buys, you will receive 40% of the net sales. You will also earn 15% from every additional purchase made by this customer for three months. Your affiliate commission is calculated from the sales price minus the seller’s share.

Sample calculation: 

A new customer buys for 100 € on the UYiLO website. First, the seller is paid and receives 50 € (with 50% staggered fees). The UYiLO income is shared 60/40 with the affiliate partner, i.e. in this case 20 € each for the affiliate partner and agency.

The UYiLO Affiliate Program does not contain any upper earnings limits, nor is it necessary to reach a minimum credit balance for the payout. All proceeds are paid out quarterly. Participation in the affiliate program is free and non-binding.